نوع المستند : المقالة الأصلية


1 Master of Hotel Studies, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels. Mansoura University

2 Professor of Hotel Studies Vice Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels for Education and Student Affairs


             This study aims to analyze the role of civil society organizations in achieving the sustainability of organic waste practices in hotels and identify the requirements, mechanisms, and benefits of the food donation process in addition to the challenges and factors affecting it. In order to achieve these objectives, a questionnaire form was developed and directed to a random sample of food and beverage managers and executive chefs in five-star hotels in Greater Cairo. A total of 40 questionnaires were distributed among them all questionnaires were valid. The obtained results indicated that the 42.5% of the hotel's motivations towards applying for food donations were instructions from external sources. According to the requirements of the food donation process, All respondents agreed with all the statements of the variable the statements," The hotel donates to a non-profit organization", has got the highest percentage of agreement from the respondents at (Mean=4.58). Donating surplus food can affect the reputation of the hotel as a result of the quality, freshness and reliability of the food products that will be donated as the main factors affecting on donating decision taking (mean= 4.15). Based on the results, some recommendations were proposed and addressed to hotels, creating a formal partnership between hotels and CSOs to establish regular food donation programs and establishing clear communication channel between hotels and CSOs to ensure timely and efficient pick-up and delivery

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