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Cairo Higher Institute for Tourism and Hotels


Food truck industry is a particularly fiercely competitive sector in food and beverage sector. It provides a wide selection of typical local foods and is the most practical food service. However, in order to maintain development and raise profit margins in this business, being able to meet client expectations and requests becomes very crucial. As a result, the goal of this study is to examine consumer satisfaction towards food trucks in Egypt by focusing on four factors: food quality, service quality, price and value and physical environment quality. This research is critical to improving food truck operations and supporting vendors and customers in understanding more about the variables that lured them to the market. In this study, 300 customers at street food trucks in Egypt's Greater Cairo responded to a questionnaire survey.  In order to fulfill the study's objectives, a convenience sample was used. This questionnaire was divided into five categories, with 22 items based on a seven-point Likert scale (from strongly disagree to strongly agree) used to assess consumers' perceptions on food quality, service quality, pricing and value, physical environment quality, and satisfaction. All four hypotheses were supported. The results demonstrate that consumer satisfaction is positively correlated with physical environment quality, food quality, service quality, price, and value. Owners of food trucks can use the study's findings to gauge how consumers are satisfied with the attributes of quality. If their customer bases are satisfied, they can eventually maintain and expand their businesses.

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