The Two Princesses Neferurê and Meryê-Hatshepsut

نوع المستند : المقالة الأصلية


1 PhD Researcher Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Mansoura University

2 Associate Professor in Tourist Guidance Department- Faculty of Archeology and Tourist Guidance- Egypt University for Science and Technology

3 Professor of Tourist Guidance, Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research, Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Mansoura University


This study addresses both princesses Neferurê and Meryrê-Hatshepsut, daughters of King Thutmosis II during the Eighteenth Dynasty. Based on historical records, Queen Hatshepsut was certainly the mother of Princess Neferurê, but opinions differed about the lineage of Princess Meryrê-Hatshepsut.
The study is based on surveying the two princesses, their common titles and their meaning and significance, way to live, their inscriptions, and finally their death and burial.
It was mentioned that princess Hatshepsut became the only daughter from royal blood who still alive after the death of her brothers and sisters. After that she married from her brother Thutmose II who was from a secondary wife to king Thutmosis I, this wife called "Mutnofret" may be a younger sister of his royal wife "Ahmose Nefertari" and a daughter of king Amenhotep I.[1] They have two daughters;
-Princess Neferure; she was a daughter of king Thutmosis II and Queen Hatshepsut
- Princess Meryt-Re Hatshepsut; it should be mentioned that it is not sure that princess Meryt-Re Hatshepsut was the daughter of queen Hatshepsut because there is another opinion suggested that she was a daughter of king Thutmose II from a secondary wife who was called “Huy”.[2]


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[2] J. Fletcher, The Story of Egypt, The Civilization that shaped the World (New York& London, 2016), p. 185.

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